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Leather Research Institute, BCSIR Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 17th September 2019

Research Area


  1. To carry out advance research in the field of leather, footwear and leather products and to develop newer technologies for export oriented industries;
  2. To conduct research on leather processing technology in improving the quality of leathers;
  3. To undertake research in developing cleaner leather processing technology with a view to reduce effluent load and to promote the use of eco-friendly chemicals in leather industries;
  4. To develop leather processing chemicals and auxiliaries from indigenous raw materials;
  5.  To utilize animal by-products and tannery wastes for waste management in leather industries;
  6. To render analytical and testing services to tanning and leather products industries for their raw materials and finished products;
  7. To provide consultancy and technical assistance to local leather industries based on specific nature of assignment;
  8. To provide training to the people engaged in leather sector in developing their technological knowledge;
  9.  To bring out publications including books, newsletters, monographs and to disseminate the results and findings of various researches;
  10.   To undertake collaborative research with scientists in both national and international organizations to share knowledge, innovation and experience;
  11. To enhance public awareness and to influence policy decisions through information dissemination, policy dialogue, advocacy, networking, training, workshop, seminar and symposium.